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Music Theory for EDM

Learn just enough music theory to radically improve the musicality of your tracks.

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"Many producers ignore theory because they think it's not exciting or cool like other facets of production are (e.g., sound design). You can make good music without theory, but it's much more difficult and time consuming. Theory allows you to understand what's going on in a song. It allows you to craft the music you're hearing in your head. It allows you to solve numerous problems that inevitably arise during the production process. Stop thinking that you're naturally gifted and you don't need to learn theory - you DO."

- Sam Matla, CEO of EDMProd.com

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Your Instructors

Paco is a Dutch (online) piano teacher that taught well over 35.000 beginners piano & music theory and has over 1 million views on his YouTube channel.

Matteo recently graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory. He produces his own work and work for others. He plays everything with keys and he's a synth wizard!

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